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Albaik Feasto Express

Category: Fast food
Company: Feaston Dines Pvt. Ltd.
Brand Origin: Malappuram
Established Year: 1991
Business Model: FOFO
ROI: 18-22 Months
Area: 400 Sq.Ft
Investment: 13 Lakhs
Franchise Outlets: 25
Google Rating: 3.8/5

About Us

ALBAIK, a unit of Feaston Dines Private Limited, is a well-established and popular hospitality brand operating a chain of multi cuisine family restaurants in ‘God’s Own Country’ Kerala. Started in 1991, ALBAIK’s mission to offer great taste with great service to food connoisseurs in India.

A name that has found it's own place in the life of a food-lover in Malabar, one that needs no introduction The plant that grew from a seedling planted 40 years ago, Feasto Express is credited with introducing Auth-entic Arabian Food to the people of Malabar. From a restaurant in the heart of malappuram Town to hol ding a market share of 60% in the Malabar region, we are ready to make our grand entry in the Middle-East. 

Our systematic approach and highly professional practices of business is the secret of our growth and we have polished this quality to compete with global brands. 

500+ Franchise Brands
Ownership Type PVT. LTD
License Type FSSAI, Gumasta
Main Product
Logo Trademark
Country/Region Malappuram, India
Business Automation Semi
Business Involvement Part Time , Fulltime

Franchise Model

We are into FOFO Model




400 - 450  Sq.ft.

Kitchen Equipment’s

5.8 Lakhs


3.4 Lakhs

Franchise Fee

03 Lakhs


01 Lakhs

Total Investment

13 Lakhs


14-16 Months



As per government rule GST will be applicable on each payment
Interior Cost is variable, which is depends on design and area size (Sq.ft.)
Other Cost Includes: License, Raw Materials, Training Fee, Pre Opening Marketing



Brand Origin


Expansion City

Pan India

Existing City


Blocked City

Specialized Menu Offerings

In par with our policy of adapting to local palettes and food trends, the menu for our missleeastern entry has been exclusively designed by expert chefs and food analysts. We offer a wide range of exotic and exquisite dishes, that includes our signature dishes, finger-lickin'good appetisers, quick bites - for the busy millenial generation and well-crafted dishes from each cuisine. 
We have stable systems in place for continous menu upgradations, both culinarily as well as physically. We understand the importance of design, and our menus are expertly designed and are themselves a visual treat. 

Feasto Express is all set to enter the Middle-Eastern market. And we have done our homework pretty well for the same! We have a few signature dishes that are sure to have people coming back for more! Grilled Chicken A house specialty that is going to give international competitors a run for their money, 
Broasted Chicken Another one of our secret recipes, and the favorite since the beginning. Burgers The favorite of the modern youngster - fast, fiesty and fulfilling! 


Abdul Azeez


Address: Albaik Feasto Express, near Malappuram, Mylappuram, Down Hill, Malappuram, Kerala 676519

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