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Twisting Scoops
Brand Origin: Mumbai
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About Us

Twisting Scoops is a turkish ice cream brand in collaboration with a Màras company in Ankara, Turkey. We are serving scoops in 13 cities in India & as well as in Nepal. We produce the authentic turkish dondurmas with all natural ingredients procured from the fields of Istanbul. Turkish dondurmas has the sticky texture unlike other ice creams with defines the real authenticity. All the ingredients are imported from turkey to stay to our real recipes.

Franchise Model

Only in FOFO Model







150 Sq.ft.

100 Sq.ft.

Setup Cost

6.5 Lakhs

15 Lakhs

16 Lakhs

Franchise Fee

3.5 Lakhs

5 Lakhs

8 Lakhs

Total Investment

10 Lakhs

20 Lakhs

24 Lakhs


12 – 16 Months

14 – 20 Months

12 – 24 Months





As per government rule GST will be applicable on each payment
Interior Cost is variable, which is depends on design and area size (Sq.ft.)

Key Features

Ice Cream that's a Stretch.. Turkish Ice Cream was first made in the early 1600's in the region of Kahramanmaras in Turkey. It's also known as Dondurma. Two qualities distinguish Dondurma; texture and resistance to melting. The Secret to Maras ice cream is the salep - or the dried, powdered root of an orchid that grows in Southern Turkey. Salep is what gives this ice cream its incredible creamy flavour and also these gravity-defying, melt-resistant qualities.


1. Low investment & high ROI in less than an year.
2. Best in class interiors & exteriors made customly according to the space. Hand to hand support in each & every step.
3. One day in store delivery for ice creams & high profit margins on raw material. USP proposition in desserts industry
4. Handholding support from start till end.
5. Professional staff training for best in store customer experience.
6. 100% veg & made in real cow milk.
7. Status symbol owning a international brand franchise store.
8. National, Regional & local marketing initiatives for business growth
9. All training will be provided by the Twisting Scoops


Brand Origin



Franchise Expansion City

Mumbai, Thane, Navi Mumbai

Franchise Existing City

Mumbai, Thane, Navi Mumbai

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