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Brand Origin : Russia

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Area : 100 Sq.Ft. Investment : INR 11 Lakhs Franchise Outlets : 14

About Us

    WAFL – Started in Russia is the first International Fast Food Brand with a menu containing both Sweet and Savory waffles. We serve the best desserts and snacks in mouthwatering, wholesome and keenly stylish way. We franchised the brand and made our presence in Russia, Mongolia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Lebanon and India. Delivering the most extensive and unique menu items, we have rocked everything that you know about snacks, desserts and beverages.

    The first cafe was opened in Russia by Russian brand Вафельница in 2009. The cafe has gained widespread popularity and fame. In 2012, the franchise was launched and by 2017, about 130 franchises were sold in the CIS countries. To enter the international market in 2017 was rebranded
    from Вафельница to WAFL. In 2017, the Master Franchise was sold to all GCC countries, franchises to Mongolia, Czech Republic and USA.

Franchise Model

We are into FOFO Model




Express Cafe

Express Van

Food Truck

Island / Food Court

High Street Café


100 Sq.ft.

100 – 150 Sq.ft.

200 Sq.ft.



150 to 180 Sq.ft.

200 – 300 Sq.ft.

Machinery & Equipment

1.71 Lakhs

1.62 Lakhs

3.08 Lakhs

1.44 Lakhs

3.14 Lakhs

3.88 Lakhs

3.88 Lakhs


2.4 K

5 Lakhs

5 Lakhs

8.72 Lakhs

11.59 Lakhs

4.25 Lakhs

5.5 Lakhs

Miscellaneous Cost

2.86 Lakhs

1.68 Lakhs

3.07 Lakhs

1.68 Lakhs

2.18 Lakhs

3.15 Lakhs

3.15 Lakhs

Franchise Fee

04 Lakhs

05 Lakhs

05 Lakhs

05 Lakhs

05 Lakhs

05 Lakhs

05 Lakhs

Total Investment

10.97 Lakhs

13.3 Lakhs

16.15 Lakhs

16.84 Lakhs

21.91 Lakhs

16.28 Lakhs

17.53 Lakhs


9 to 12 Months

12 to 14 Months

14 to 18 Months

14 to 18 Months

18 to 24 Months

14 to 18 Months

16 to 20 Months









As per government rule GST will be applicable on each payment
Interior Cost is variable, which is depends on design and area size (Sq.ft.)
Miscellaneous Cost Includes: Initial Raw Materials, Small Wares, Packaging, Uniform, Advance deposit for stock, Pre Marketing Etc


Freshly made right in front of customer’s eyes, we serve the best quality waffles made with premium quality eggless premixes. We have the largest waffle menu available in India, where people enjoy sweet waffles but to meet the new trend in Savory waffles and to match the customer’s taste, we
introduced our Savory menu.

Our menu is suitable for all age groups starting from Hong Kong and Belgian WAFL for kids; we have options available for health conscious people who can have WAFL Sandwiches made with fresh vegetables and tender WAFL dough. We have options available for Pizza lovers as well; our WAFL Pie
is one of a kind with people’s favorite pizza fillings and not to forget our best seller WAFL Corndog
which is not only a hot dog but has original tastes of veg or non-veg sausages in fresh WAFL Dough.

Although internationally we serve both Veg and non-Veg options, but for Indian market we have developed a special Only Veg menu which is available already in several WAFL outlets in India. Fresh
and healthy meals from WAFL, helps to be fit, active and cheerful. All in all, WAFL is about great taste
for sure, but there is much more sense in fact.

WAFL menu is available in two options, namely: LIMITED MENU and FULL MENU. The Express menu is designed to fit in small spaces and small movable WAFL modules and has our Sweet and Savory
waffles available in a limited number. Full menu is designed for bigger spaces and WAFL Truck, which
includes all the Sweet and Savory items along with Full day breakfast menu.


Online order delivery is an excellent way to increase your sales. With the help of special WAFL
Packaging, we deliver food in fresh conditions to the customers. WAFL support team customizes all business processes with most popular Delivery services and train you on how to cooperate with them further. We work with Zomato, Swiggy, FoodPanda and Uber Eats.


- Agreement Terms is of 3 Years.
- Agreement will be renewed at 0 Cost. Only Legal Charges will be applicable
- Food Cost: 30%
- Net Profit Margin 35%
- Staff will be hire by Franchisee.
- Complete Training will be provided by Brand
- Franchisee has to spend 2% of Net Profit every month on Local Area Marketing
- All the Machinery & Equipments will be supply by Brand.
- Interior can be done locally as per given design by Brand.
- Raw Materials will be provided by the brand.
- Marketing & sales increasing strategy Support.
- Online delivery partners tieup Swiggy | Zomato | Uber Eats | Food Panda
- Employ Required: 2 Staff for Express, 2 Staff for Kiosk, 2 Staff for Express Cafe. 3 Staff for Food court/Island, 2 Staff for Express Van, 3 Staff for High Street Cafe


FOFO (Franchise Owned Franchisee Operated)

Considering the various investment types and to help the customers’ startup their business with minimal funds; WAFL has introduced the all new EXPRESS MODEL with a menu that serves both Sweet and Savory waffles. Specially designed for young entrepreneurs, the WAFL EXPRESS MODEL allows you to serve a menu with wide variety of products and low investment starting from Rs.11 Lacs + GST only. WAFL offers turnkey solutions for starting your own business and offers several business modules for every customer’s requirements and Market demand.

FOCO (Franchise Owned Company Operated)

With WAFL having its India head office in Delhi NCR region, we are also open to the Idea of you owning the business and us running the show for you. We invite all the customers from Delhi - NCR region to team up with us and we would be glad to invest part of required investment with you in our regular business modules, not only this, the franchisee will have full support from brand for marketing and operations as well. Interested clients may contact our Sales team to get further information on the same.


WAFL offers business expansion for customers having existing Business by letting them include WAFL within their existing café/restaurant, just by adding a separate kitchen and cash counter under the same roof. This allows you to have more variety of food under the same roof and attract an even larger client base and generate more revenue. We are all up for Co-branding as long as all the parameters and conditions shared by WAFL are met.


Master franchise is a special type of franchise agreement entitling exclusive rights to resell rights to sub-franchisee and develop franchisee chain in large geographical area. Stated another way, it is right to develop a franchise
system within particular territory such as metropolitan area, an entire state, several states or a whole country. Master franchisee encompasses an area containing millions of people. On these territories, the entrepreneur who obtains the master franchise right controls number and locations of future outlets to avoid internal competition; however the master franchise agreement specifies the number and a timeline for development.

Having our presence across India and already making a name for ourselves in the Indian market, we are open for business with potential customers who would like to become our Master Franchisee. Indian market is huge and has a lot of potential for business; waffles being in high demand have led some of our existing franchisees to open their second outlets as well. Master Franchise option enables you to have enormous benefits like share from franchise fee, discounts on raw material, equipment and other supplies along with a share in Royalty as well. This option is available for all the regions in India, Namely: North, South, East, West, Central and North East and also for clients interested for taking the same for allover Indian continent. All the states comprised in these regions will be handled by the respective Master Franchisee who would need to maintain stock for all the supplies as well as hire a team of staff members to support various departments like marketing, training, etc. With great power comes great responsibility and so the Master Franchisee shall be a part of WAFL and will have full support
from brand but, needs to work towards the progress of its sub franchisees and innovate new ideas to expand the business with the help of WAFL experts of course.







Franchise Expansion City


PAN India,

Franchise Existing City


Jaipur, Delhi, Bengaluru, Pune, Hyderabad, nagpur, Navi Mumbai, Coimbatore, Vijaywada, Ranchi, Noida, Vizag , Itanagar, Allahabad,


Franchise Discovery helped us set up our waffle franchise, from start to finish. We didn't have to run about for licenses, and all the paperwork was taken care of. We are now running the business happily. Thank you Franchise Discovery.



When we first came to Franchise Discovery, we didn't have much idea about starting a business. My wife and I are both from the service industry, but we wanted to get into business so that we could stop the 9 to 5 routine. We were helped beyond our imagination, and hope to start more businesses in the future.

Ranjan Singh


Franchise Discovery made it easy for us to find investors for the business. It really helps when you have contacts in the marketplace, and we're happy to associate ourselves with Franchise Discovery.

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Being in the franchise business for long we have come across many people. We have found Franchise Discovery to match us with the right investors according to their needs. This helps us as well as the investors, many of who are investing for the first time.

Ankit Shah


I thank everyone at Franchise Discovery for the smooth functioning of starting our set up. We were skeptical at how to run a fast food business, but we got all the help and expertise we needed and couldn't be more relieved. We are now thinking of taking up another franchise of desserts this time. Hope things go well again.