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Restaurant franchise review by Mr Vijay Budhrani Franchisee Owner of Kake Di Hatti

Restaurant franchise review by Mr Vijay Budhrani Franchisee Owner of Kake Di Hatti

Just like any businessman, I wanted to expand my business in more innovative way. I always get fascinated by the idea of owning a Franchise business. Somehow I managed to flow my thoughts in the right direction and decided to choose Food and beverages industry to start my Franchise business. I chose the F&B industry for two major reasons. Firstly, I researched and observed vast growth in the industry especially in India and secondly I, myself is an ardent food lover and therefore my passion and love made drive towards something innovative that I wanted to do from such a long time.

As I lived in Ahmedabad most of the time, it seemed quite difficult for me to get an overall idea regarding Franchise business. I was having a very raw structure in mind with lots of questions and I was in search for some assistance to guide me through this journey and with the serendipity of time, one day I saw an advertisement of “Franchise Discovery”. I still vividly remember making my first call to Franchise Discovery to inquire about the food franchise best suited in my location (Ahmedabad). From the stage of inquiry itself, their consultation services and detailed information regarding the best options to choose from, assured me that they will be glad to be part of my franchise journey. With such confidence showed by the Franchise Discovery team, I eventually become more firm about my decision to start the Franchise Business. They helped me with all the possible consultancy services that were important for any investor to know before stepping a new world of the Franchise Business. I initially inquired about starting a café, however after discussing and keeping in mind various factors such as my plan, budget, location, and number of partners involved; they recommended that it is possible to set up a restaurant with our resources. I never anticipated opening a restaurant, so in a sense, the restaurant came to me through “Franchise Discovery”. I was aware of the fact that opportunities for entrepreneurship are varied and the sky’s limit in terms of which business idea to pursue. But to start a business that comes with an established brand and business model, a Franchise might is a good fit.

Franchise Discovery played a major role in turning our dream plan into Reality. With their expert knowledge in Marketing, Vendor management, Location timeline, Manual inspection, Digital survey, Food consultancy and Market survey with complete analysis of food growth gave us better vision in understanding their projection report. After carrying out extensive Digital survey, they recommend us Pure Vegetarian Old Delhi Legend “KAKE DI HATTI” an iconic eatery located in the heart of Delhi (Chandni Chowk) has been serving authentic North Indian food since 1942. This old Delhi legend has a long-standing of four generations, providing Excellency & novelty in their Naans & Dishes, using traditional methods & blends of different herbs and spices.

Later, their team visited our location in Ahmedabad for more efficient observation. My only concern was whether we will be able to do justice to such legendary traditional North Indian brand in a city like Ahmedabad. As our ultimate querencia Franchise Discovery gave their best assistance through their projection report, clearing our all doubts regarding location ambiance, estimated sales (18 lakhs-35 lakhs), menu customization and complex agreement procedure. They helped us and the brand to come at a mutual understanding of the terms and conditions of the agreement. Finally, with inexplicable joy and excitement, we opened the first Fine Dine restaurant of “Kake Di Hatti” on 27th June 2019.

The real task was running a business and I am over the moon to share my amazing and awesome experience of completing one month of “Kake Di Hatti” in Ahmedabad with the return of whopping 24 lakhs just within a month, that too without online delivery. “Kake di Hatti” in Ahmedabad has received the warmest welcome in the hearts of the people of Ahmedabad, with best ratings and weekend being crowded with people who love to enjoy the authentic taste of Delhi with traditional Gujarati twist. It seems now who would ever think of blending these two very different flavors? The answer is not that far! We are very glad to be a part of “Franchise Discovery” family and very thankful for their support beyond being just a helping hand.

For those who don’t want to play ducks and drakes in establishing their future in the food chain business, we highly recommend choosing Franchise Discovery as your guide and consultant in your magnificent journey of success.

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