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Seafood franchises

Seafood franchises

Seafood restaurants are few but offer good quality food in India. Seafood restaurants are many in coastal cities of India like Mumbai, Goa, Mangalore, etc. but scarce in the rest of India. Seafood restaurants offer fresh catch and are popular with seafood lovers. Seafood includes shrimp, crabs, fish, clams, shellfish, lobsters, squid, etc. and is prepared by specialized chefs.

Seafood restaurants provide a unique and special experience to customers who want something new in their meals. Seafood is relatively healthier where diet is concerned and it helps people who are looking for lean meats and looking for an alternative to regular food.

Seafood franchise is a franchise that requires a person who can gauge the freshness of the fish, and know the ins and outs of the seafood industry. Seafood business is seasonal in some parts of the country. Therefore careful planning and strategizing is required to cater to customers during the seasonal time.

List of Seafood franchises


This company brings you the very best in seafood by handpicking all the products. This ensures quality and fresh catch each day. They have the best seafood selection in all of Maharashtra and pride themselves in bringing quality food to all seafood lovers.


Sushi is best had fresh. This is what SushiFork aims to do at their restaurant, where patrons can create their own sushi. The restaurant also provides sushi rolls, sushi burritos, sides in a comfortable ambience.

Manhattan Fish Market

Manhattan Fish Market has opened its first Indian outlet in Chennai. It offers a range of fresh seafood for seafood aficionados. MFM is also franchising to the rest of the country and hopes to open many outlets soon.


Fisheteria offers fresh catch and freshly prepared seafood in its fine dine restaurant. Find on the menu classics like Fish n Chips, Fish Burger and Fish Roll Paratha, to name a few. Fisheteria offers patrons a friendly atmosphere with good food, music and view.


Why Seafood franchises?

Many people today prefer seafood and visit restaurants to eat the myriad dishes on offer. Indian preparations include stews, curries, chilly fries, shallow fries, and baked dishes. The tastes and menu appeal to many who are looking for an alternative to regular meals. A seafood business can be made easier if it is backed by a franchise. This will increase the success rate of that business. If you want to get into a restaurant business, but want to offer fewer dishes to your customers, then seafood business is the best bet.

Prepare to serve seafood platter, solkadi, kebabs, fish curries, batter-fried seafood, rice, handmade breads, sauces, and a choice of desserts. Seafood franchises are good business because they offer a delectable range of fare and can innovate according to the seasons. Networking with experts, fishermen, processors, etc. will further help you in your business.

Franchisees can expect COG analysis, marketing strategy, social media execution, branding, training and partner development, depending on the brand. Franchises for seafood are given by few brands who want to expand domestically as well as internationally. In India, there are many seafood brands that have become famous over the years because of their quality and innovation.



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