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Asian Food Franchises

Asian Food Franchises

Asian food has always been one of the best foods to eat on earth. Life is great when you sink your teeth into spicy Asian cuisine from India, Sri Lanka, China, Nepal, Bhutan or Japan. The foods that you can expect are kebabs, biryani (biryani franchise), sushi, noodles, ramen, pilaf, chaat, chicken tikka, butter chicken (chicken franchise), tandoori, naans, schezuan chicken, fried rice, teriyaki, sashimi, and much more. The variety is awesome. Asian food is known for its richness and innovation. It is always great to have Asian food which is also comfort food for some. Eating and drinking at an Asian restaurant is the most comforting thing to do.

Not only do people love visiting Asian restaurants and cafes, people also like cooking Asian at home. An assorted mix of vegetables, grains and non-vegetarian items like chicken, beef, mutton and fish, make up a complete meal.

There are also fine dining places for Asian food. In every country you will find fine dine places for Asian food. It is no wonder then that Asian Food franchises are so popular with people. People love to get a franchise of Asian food that is popular like Indian food or Chinese food (Chinese Food Franchise) or something exotic like Japanese food.

Whether you’re eating with a chopstick, fork or your hand, Asian food caters to all kinds of people, and is more likely to have repeat customers.

List of Asian Food Franchises

The Leaf

The Leaf is a place to eat authentic vegetarian food served a-la carte. Find a mix of foods like Mexican, Lebanese, Oriental Chinese, Italian, Thai and of course, Indian. The restaurant boasts of high footfall during weekends and weekdays, and serves up decadent delicacies throughout the year.



This Quick Service Restaurant is famous for its quality food. Check out the menu and fall in love with its preparations. The restaurant prides itself with its cooks who whip up genuine dishes with a list of secret ingredients that you cannot resist.


Wok This Way

Wok  This Way offers customers fresh ingredients and homemade sauces. The food is tasty and healthy so that customers can get maximum value for what they are paying. A wok is made in flat four minutes, so that you can get your food quickly without much wait time. Wok This Way is a convenient option for your food.


Genuine Broaster Chicken

Check out the fresh Broaster chicken from Genuine Broaster Chicken that has put smiles on the faces of chicken lovers around the world. The special ingredients and unique cooking method makes Genuine Broaster Chicken much loved worldwide. Experience the chicken and you will come back for more.



Tandy's Fried Chicken is counted as one of the tastiest. Try it today and see what people are talking about.


Kake di Hatti

This iconic North Indian eatery is located in the heart of Delhi. Serving delicious North Indian cuisine from Chandni Chowk, Kake di Hatti has been around for four generations. They provide naans and other dishes that are popular with the regular crowd. 



Worco serves some delicious dishes and wholesome food to satisfy customers and give them what they need. Step into their outlet and the aroma of wholesome cooking wafts around, letting you know that they are the best in town.



Why choose Asian Food Franchises?

Asian food franchises are popular and go well with anything. You can pair the food with coke or the finest wine. Asian franchises have long been in demand and you will find them in any country. Franchises of any brand will see the demand and expand to any territory provided there are takers. Asian food being accepted by people of all walks of life, it is easy to buy the franchise. There are many up and coming brands that may not be so popular but serve great Asian food.

Famous chains that serve Asian food already have a lot of franchises. Local as well as international brands that are offering franchises do so globally nowadays so that their food can reach far and wide. Asian franchises are easy to maintain and have a huge following. Not only do they serve one single cuisine, some franchises serve up to four different cuisines under one roof. Asian food franchises have been the hallmark of food franchises, and get a lot of attention from prospective franchisees. Not only do they settle for one franchise, there are people who take up the master franchise of any brand and expand globally. Asian food is easy to cook and the ingredients can be sourced from anywhere. The methods and techniques of cooking it are easy, but require skilled manpower.


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