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Why branding is important for a franchise?

Why branding is important for a franchise?

Branding is always great for an organization. The benefits far outweigh the initial effort that goes into getting a good brand up and running. Having a strong brand works well and helps enhance your credibility, build recognition among customers, ease you into introducing new products, give you an edge over competition, and helps facilitate ease of purchase.

Here are some things to keep in mind while operating a franchise from a brand perspective:

1) Franchise image is of utmost importance. Make sure you stick to consistency. The name and logo should speak about the business, and all franchises should have consistent logo and name.


1) See to it that all the franchises focus on the same clientele, irrespective of geographical location. This will ensure that the targeting is done right and you get the best Return on Investment (ROI) on your marketing.


2) Help your franchises to have a personal relationship with their customers. Let the franchisees create their own social media accounts to interact with the customers, create a community in their location, etc.  This will foster loyalty to the brand. This however is risky, so be sure to set some guidelines in place.


3) Be a pro at what you’re doing. There is a good chance that your competitors are watching you. Differentiate your product and offer quality service to your customers. This will have them coming back to you, even if competitive franchises exist in your location.


4) Be part of a cause or introduce social causes in your marketing mix. When the community knows that you care about social matters, they will be drawn to you and would want to align with your business. The more local, the better.


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