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Best Ice Cream Franchises in India

Best Ice Cream Franchises in India


The Ice cream franchise industry is extremely successful, and the explanation is simple.

Simply put, it is a delight that should not be missed. It is the most popular dessert in India and is also the most reasonably priced.

If you want to create a profitable franchise business with a high return on investment and profit margin, ice cream is a great place to start. But if you want to make a rapid profit with little capital, the best thing you can do in India is open an ice cream franchise.


51 Rainbow

51 A worldwide company makes Rainbow Ice Cream. There are currently 65+ locations spread over Rajasthan, Gujarat, and Maharashtra. Live fog and roll ice creams, thick shakes, freak shakes, smoothies, and faloodas are this franchise's major specialties. The ice cream's ingredients are entirely vegetarian and don't include any preservatives. This franchise that sells organic ice cream has business prospects. The brand will provide crucial raw materials. Increasing revenue through marketing Support and the franchise agreement can be renewed.

Established year: 1988 in Surat 

Franchise investment: 7.17 L

Area: 75 sq. ft

Business model: FOFO

ROI: 10-12 months

Agreement year: 3 years

Net Profit: 35%

Franchise outlets: 70

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Diary Don

Dairy Don has been a well-known brand since its establishment in 1984 and has come to represent good taste and consistent quality. Despite its modest beginnings, they have established itself as one of the ice cream industry's pioneers by franchising locations throughout Gujarat and Maharashtra. 

In order to create the perfect atmosphere for a hip spot to hang out, its Franchise parlours have been elegantly built. The team at Dairy Don is always broadening its horizons by opening new ice cream shops across the country in order to explore the 2,000 crores Indian ice cream market.

Established year: 2018 in Surat 

Franchise investment: 12 L

Area: 250 sq. ft

Business model: FOFO

ROI: 18-24 months

Agreement year: 5 years

Royalty: 0%

Franchise outlets: 50

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Ice Kraft

For the delicacies Ice Kraft serves and the quality they bring to the table, the brand is well-liked. They are experts at freshness and delectability. The ice creams are presented in a delicious way, with a focus on the "WOW" factor. These stylish ice creams are produced in front of you to your specifications. The visit is really satisfying due to the cosy sitting and cheerful surroundings. Nearly 35–40% of sales are generated by the cuisine menu, which combines traditional and fusion dishes.

Icekraft is a brand that enjoys experimenting and is open to exploring new things. Due to this mentality, fusion foods include Tandoori Pasta and Mexican Pizzas, Freakshakes, India's First Black Icecream without Artificial Colours.

Established year: 2016 in Mumbai

Franchise investment: 15 L

Area: 250 sq. ft

Business model: FOCO, FOFO

ROI: 18-20 months

Agreement year: 5 years

Profit margin: Investor-67%, Brand – 33%

Franchise outlets: 25

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Ice Cream Factory & Shahi Durbar

Ice Cream Factory & Shahi Durbar seeks to deliver precisely balanced flavours designed for each country's own culinary preferences. They work hard to develop distinctive flavours. This serves as their guide when making ice cream that is silky, creamy, and flavorful.

The brand is proud to share the joy of manufacturing ice cream with you because it is their passion. The extensive line of ICE CREAMS and SORBETS, created in 24 DIFFERENT FLAVOURS, reveals a special creamy texture and incomparable flavours.

They are one of the top manufacturers of freak shakes, nitrogen ice creams, and live ice creams. One of the best ice cream and waffle crossroads in Amchi Mumbai is Ice Cream Factory and Shahi Durbar. They have upscale café and parlour locations that serve every category under Shahi Durbar and the Ice Cream Factory. They will give you in-depth management and operations training.

Established year: 2011 in Mumbai

Franchise investment: 54 L

Area: 1000 sq. ft

Business model: FOFO, FOCO

ROI: 15-22 months

Agreement year: 5 years

Royalty: 0%

Franchise outlets: 20

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Giani Ice Cream, which was founded in 1956 and is based in Fatehpuri, Delhi, produces and sells a delicious selection of ice cream, faluda kulfi, Italian gelato, sorbet, and snacks. Its delicious selection of ice cream and snacks, which is 100% vegetarian, is enjoyed by children, teenagers, and people of all ages.

The company has effectively earned an advantage over its rivals by being customer-centric under the competent leadership of Mr. Gurbachan Singh. The Giani ice cream franchise's expansion in Delhi and north India has been facilitated by his 40 years of industry experience, in-depth understanding, and open business practices.

Established year: 1956 in New Delhi 

Franchise investment: 14 L

Area: 250 sq. ft

Business model: FOFO

ROI: 14-18 months

Royalty: 2%

Franchise outlets: 120

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Thancos Natural Ice Cream

Since the opening of the first franchise location in 2009, Thanco's Natural Ice Cream, they have expanded to more than 80 franchise locations throughout India. Due to its position as one of the market leaders in the natural ice cream category and its continued expansion into new markets, they are quickly overtaking other top national and international ice cream brands as one of India's most incredible ice cream brands.

For the mass player to compete in this cutthroat market, the varieties are so varied and naturally inspired and provide more than 80 different varieties of natural ice cream flavours, and have created a special line of sugar-free ice creams for the consumers.

Established year: 2006 in Bangalore 

Franchise investment: 17 L

Area: 300 sq. ft

Business model: FOFO

ROI: 14-16 months

Franchise outlets: 83

Royalty: 0%

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Baskin Robbins

The largest chain of ice cream specialty stores in the world, Baskin Robbins has more than 6000 retail locations worldwide in more than 63 countries. The business employs a committed group of professionals with industry experience in the hospitality sector. Currently one of India's biggest chains for food retail.

With 800+ stores, it is now present in 160 cities and towns. There are no royalties assessed on sales at Baskin-Robbins. Additionally, it does not request a portion of the franchisee's revenue or profits.

Baskin Robbins makes sure that each parlour has a particular amount of exclusivity in its specific location. It makes it clear that no new parlour should go up so near to an existing one that it begins to negatively impact both parlours' sales.

Established year: 1945 in Mumbai 

Franchise investment: 16L

Area: 250 sq. ft

Business model: FOFO

ROI: 18-24 months

Agreement year: 5 years

Profit margin: 18%

Royalty: 0%

Franchise outlets: 800

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Chennai Kulfi

Since its establishment in 2016, Chennai Kulfi has become one of India's leading producers of ice cream and kulfis. With the establishment of 140+ locations and 150+ types, they have reached new heights. In the years to come, they hope to open even more and distinctive qualities include being a Royalty Free Brand and offering a variety of products under one roof.

Established year: 2017 in Chennai

Franchise investment: 10 L

Area: 200 sq. ft

Business model: FOFO

ROI: 18 months

Franchise outlets: 148

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I Kim

Franchise opportunities for business minds are available with I KIM. The growth plans were started by Mr. Pavan, who kept them moving forward quickly. By 2013, he has established 11 independently owned locations and numerous franchisees from Ankleshwar to Vapi. Production capacity expanded along with the development goals; the operational infrastructure can now manufacture 2000 Litres of ice cream.

 Great Product Range, Successful Operation of More Than 24 Outlets, Global Standards of Quality, Franchisor Support for Store Opening.

Established year: 2000 in Ahmedabad

Franchise investment: 5 L

Area: 300 sq. ft

Business model: FOFO, FOCO.

ROI: 9.70%

Agreement year: 3 years

Gross Profit margin: 40%-50%

Franchise outlets: 24

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Q1: Which ice cream franchise is best in India?
There are several popular and successful ice cream franchises in India, including Amul, Kwality Wall's, Baskin Robbins, Naturals, and Vadilal. The "best" franchise may vary depending on factors such as brand reputation, market presence, profitability, and personal preferences.

Q2: Is the ice cream business profitable in India?
Yes, the ice cream business can be profitable in India. The demand for ice cream is high, especially during the hot summer months, and with the right business strategy, quality products, and effective marketing, it is possible to generate good profits in this industry.

Q3: How to start an ice cream franchise?
To start an ice cream franchise, follow these general steps:

  • Research and choose a reputable and successful ice cream franchise brand.
  • Contact the franchise company and inquire about their requirements and application process.
  • Review the franchise agreement and understand the terms and conditions.
  • Secure the necessary funds for the franchise fee, equipment, and initial inventory.
  • Set up a suitable location, acquire the necessary licenses and permits.
  • Attend the franchise training program provided by the franchisor.
  • Market your franchise and open for business.

Q4: What is the largest ice cream franchise?
The largest ice cream franchise in terms of global presence is Baskin Robbins. With thousands of locations worldwide, it has established itself as a leading brand in the ice cream industry.

Q5: Is the ice cream business profitable?
The profitability of the ice cream business depends on various factors such as location, competition, marketing strategies, quality of products, and operational efficiency. However, with a well-executed business plan and effective management, the ice cream business has the potential to be profitable.

Q6: Is soft ice cream profitable?
Yes, soft ice cream can be profitable, especially if you cater to a large customer base and offer a variety of flavors and toppings. Soft serve ice cream is popular among customers of all ages and can be a profitable venture with proper planning and execution.

Q7: Who is the king of ice cream in India?
There isn't a specific "king of ice cream" in India as the market is highly competitive with multiple successful brands. However, Amul, Kwality Wall's, and Vadilal are some of the prominent and well-known ice cream brands in India.

Q8: Which franchise is most profitable in India?
Determining the most profitable franchise in India can vary depending on several factors, including location, market demand, investment cost, and individual business management. However, some profitable franchise options in India include food and beverage franchises, retail franchises, education franchises, and healthcare franchises.

Q9: Which franchise is best in India under 5 lakhs?
There are various franchise options available in India under 5 lakhs, catering to different industries and sectors. Some popular and potentially profitable franchises in this budget range include small-scale food and beverage kiosks, retail shops, beauty and wellness services, and low-cost education or tutoring centers. It is important to thoroughly research and evaluate the specific franchise opportunities to determine the best fit for your investment and goals.

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