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Fast Food Franchise Opportunities

Fast Food Franchise Opportunities

Indian Fast Food market is flourishing and investing in fast food franchise seems like the most lucrative business right now. Due to the willingness of people to spend their income and customers interest in trying new dishes in the market bought to them from across the world, they are curious to try a variety of new products. Since the entry of international brands in the market, the domestic brands have also put on their A game in the field and fast food sells like groceries across India. If you visit a mall, a café or down the street fast food is everywhere and customers need variety.

According to CAGR (compound annual growth rate), the fast food market is supposed to grow by 18% in the market. The Indian fast food market is will be worth nearly about $27.57 billion (approx  191 hundred crores)  by 2020. Therefore, Indian Fast Food franchise business will flourish twice by the year 2020 as well and it seems like a good opportunity to invest in food franchises.

We at Franchise Discovery have partnered with top and growing fast food chains to invest in if you are an enthusiastic entrepreneur looking for a good franchise investment opportunity.  Each fast brand is unique and has a special dish to offer to its customers.

Here is a list of some of the fast food brands associated with Franchise Discovery:-

  1. Go 69Pizza – Serving decadent pizzas since 2014 now wants to expand its outlets PAN India to spread delight across people’s heart with their pizzas. They serve an array of vegetarian and non-vegetarian pizzas, with sides, burgers, rolls, and beverages. Satisfy your fast food cravings at Go 69Pizza.

Space – 400 sqft

Investment – 10 lakhs.

ROI – 12-14 months

  1. Dhadoom – A young, energetic café founded by the celebrity chef Harpal Singh Soni Dhadoom guarantees to give you an amazing experience when it comes to fries. They serve a variety of fries prepared in the most unique way and served to every fries lover out there! Fries like Shake Shake fries, Dip Dip Fries, Poutines are served. Besides that, they also serve Burgers, Pizzas and nachos and many other such exciting dishes.

Space – 100-500 sqft

Investment – 17-38 lakhs

ROI – 12-16 months

  1. US Pizza – Originated in Sweden, US Pizza is an international brand serving US style deep pan pizzas. They have delectable pizzas with unique taste. With US Pizza your franchise will be nationally recognized and trusted. They have reasonable prices with amazing taste. Their menu has starters, sides, desi pizzas, wraps and much more to enjoy from.

Space – 300-1500 sqft

Investment – 12-36 lakhs

ROI – 12-16 months

  1. Eggsplore – Eggs are for everyone! Eggsplore specializes in serving egg dishes to customers who are crazy about their eggs! It has a whole menu of amazing dishes made with eggs like Egg Salads, Egg first course, crazy egg curries and so much more. Fulfil your egg cravings with Eggslpore.

Space – 150-300 sqft

Investment – 10-17 lakhs

ROI – 12-16 months.

  1. Wat a burger – Serving high quality, exquisite burgers at a reasonable price Wat a burger has an array of burgers to choose from for every burger lover. Burgers are one of the most popular fast food after pizza which sells like crazy amongst all age groups. Franchise for this unique burger brand is now available.

Space – 100-400 sqft

Investment – 16-30 lakhs

ROI - 15-19 months

  1. MOC – Mad over Chicken is a brand which is youthful, cheerful and serves delectable chicken items at an affordable price. It does not compromise on quality and provides exquisite taste to fulfil your chicken cravings. Their menu has dishes like Chicken Meals, Hunger Master Wraps, Burgers, Chicken buckets and much more.

Investment – 10-23 lakhs

ROI – 10-14 months

  1. Just Falafel – Falafels is a Middle East dish which is scrumptious and crispy golden brown on the outside and soft and moist on the inside. Falafels are healthy and nutritious enjoyed by a lot of people. They are unique in taste and presentation as well. ‘Just Falafel’ has a variety of dishes on its menu besides a number of falafels they serve, they have Shawarma, Soups, Salads and much more to indulge in.

Space – 200 sqft

Investment – 22 lakhs.

Roi – 14-16 months

  1. Chaat Lounge – Chaat lounge serves delicious chaat like Sev Puri, Bhel puri, Aloo Tikki from Delhi, Pav bhaji, Chole Bahture, South and North India cuisine and much more made from their own spices and herbs which give them a mouthwateringly unique taste. They are now looking at expansion of their brand to franchisors who love serving chaat and business investments.

Space – 300 sqft

Investment – 15 lakhs

ROI -12-16 months

  1. Potato Bae – It is a young brand aiming to appease the cravings of youngsters amongst us serving the most delicious snacks to munch on and have fun. They serve amazing dishes on their menu like Burgers, An array of fries made in over 20 styles, pizza fries, Baes Magic fries, Desserts, and shakes. It is a fun place to chill with friends and have amazing food.

Space – 100-150 sqft

Investment – 12-14 lakhs

ROI – 12-15 months

  1. The Burger Nation – It is a leading brand in Delhi NCR and loved by its customers. It has a huge authentic menu to choose from and satisfy the burger-lover in you. Their menu consists of the unique grilled burgers, pizzas, sides like fries and nuggets, sandwiches, mocktails and desserts and much more. It has a mouthwatering taste and excellent quality.

Space – 150- 500 sqft

Investment – 11-40 lakhs

ROI – 12-16 months

We have many such brands associated with us other than the 10 listed above. For more information kindly contact our Franchise Consultants on 18002100445 or emai on

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