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Chicken Franchises

Many people who eat non-vegetarian food count chicken as their favorite food. And the proliferation of many fast food chains is testament to this. Many burger (Burger Franchise) and chicken joints have cropped up all over India, and their popularity is tremendous. People love eating out and since there are so many chicken dishes available, it’s a feast everyday. What’s on offer? Butter chicken, chicken lollipops, crispy chicken, chicken tikka, chicken jalfrezi, chicken afghani, tandoori chicken, Kolhapuri chicken, chicken do pyaaza, the list goes on.

Newer fastfood chains have seen to it that chicken is served at their outlets to satiate the demand. More and more chicken franchises have opened up shop and are available to investors who are interested in starting a restaurant or café. As with any establishment serving chicken, there is also a range of beverages to pair with the food. From the North to the South of India, there are a thousand chicken dishes available, changing from state to state. Each state has a number of chicken dishes that are savory and well known. Hence the number of chicken franchises increase to meet the demand.

Chicken franchises are available, sometimes in conjunction with other foods. Entrepreneurs and businessmen are looking for chicken franchises in their locations, and courting prospective franchisees to open these stores globally. The market is open for more business and chicken franchises are here for the taking.

List of Chicken franchises

Genuine Chicken Broaster

Check out the fresh Broaster chicken from Genuine Broaster Chicken that has put smiles on the faces of chicken lovers around the world. The special ingredients and unique cooking method makes Genuine Broaster Chicken much loved worldwide. Experience the chicken and you will come back for more.


Tandy's Fried Chicken is counted as one of the tastiest. Try it today and see what people are talking about.


This Quick Service Restaurant is famous for its quality food. Check out the menu and fall in love with its preparations. The restaurant prides itself with its cooks who whip up genuine dishes with a list of secret ingredients that you cannot resist.


Worco serves some delicious dishes and wholesome food to satisfy customers and give them what they need. Step into their outlet and the aroma of wholesome cooking wafts around, letting you know that they are the best in town.

Wok This Way

Wok  This Way offers customers fresh ingredients and homemade sauces. The food is tasty and healthy so that customers can get maximum value for what they are paying. A wok is made in flat four minutes, so that you can get your food quickly without much wait time. Wok This Way is a convenient option for your food.


Find delectable dishes and special ingredients at Dhadoom. The fun setting is inviting and makes sure youngsters get their food and fun too. Chef Harpal Singh Sokhi makes sure that you are satisfied with the food, therefore great care is taken to serve you only that which is fresh. Escape the madness of the world, visit Dhadoom.

Chicago Pizza

The ultimate comfort food is made by using the choicest ingredients and being different from other pizza joints. Chicago Pizza serves only authentic pizzas using fresh ingredients so that you can eat heartily, without any compromise.

Chick Blast

Chick Blast has distinguished itself by offering a range of food – friend chicken, sandwiches, ice rolls, fried shrimp, fried fish, burgers, pizza, pastas, rice bowls, biryani, shawarma, quesadillas, wraps, grilled chicken, and so much more.


Who doesn’t know KFC? The chicken giant created the recipe more than 75 years ago. The preparation includes secret ingredients that make the chicken so tender and succulent. Cooks now bread and freshly prepare Kentucky Fried Chicken’s famous chicken that is loved by everyone all over the world.

Chick fil-A

This American fast-food restaurant specializes in chicken sandwiches. It also serves a range of other food – nuggets, wraps, salads, fries and other things.


Why Chicken Franchise?

Some chicken franchises recommend that they open in well-known locations in crowded streets, or commercial malls where the footfall is huge. Most establishments are content with a space of 850 – 1000 square feet for a chicken franchise. The expected return on investment is usually between 1-2 years. These factors make chicken franchise a dream for businessmen and entrepreneurs. Chicken franchise is also a lucrative business like all food businesses. The margin of profit is high and this attracts people to buying it. Some franchises like to expand internationally and allow franchises to take their brand elsewhere. Indian brands are now expanding in the Middle East, Europe, Americas, and all over Asia.

Many brands are famous for their chicken franchise. However, there are lesser known brands as well that prepare exceptionally good chicken. It is up to the franchisee to choose which brands work and which brands are flexible in their dealings. Chicken franchise and other allied franchises work best when the franchisee is from the food industry and knows how to handle the setup. It is best to do a thorough research on the food market and then decide whether a chicken franchise is what you want to get into.


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