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Chaat Franchises Opportunities

Chaat Franchises Opportunities

Street food comes in all shapes and colors in Indian markets. You may find Indian dishes served on the street containing boiled vegetables, raw fruit, spices, salt, pepper, herbs, masala, etc. Chaat is the all-time favorite as it is not at all one Indian dish. Chaat comes in the form of pani puri, bhel puri, sev puri, batasha, dahi puri, fruit chaat, tikkis, ragda patties, gupchups, gapagaps, etc. Panipuris are also known as golgappas or puchkas and are made with spicy tangy water, and vegetable fillings. These comprise the Indian snack foods for people of all walks of life. These are traditional, innovative and very addictive. These snacks are available on the street, in restaurants or made at home. Making chaat is very easy. All you need is boiled vegetables, raw fruit (preferably mango), spices, chutneys, salt, and voila your snacks are ready. There are always many opportunities to make chaat.

List of Chaat Franchises


Chaat OK Please

A unique concept of serving chaat with sophistication co-founded by Manav Shital & Niti Agarwal in 2015. ‘Chaat Ok Please’ is a chain of eateries that serve hawker style Indian Street food that is standardized yet customizable, giving an extensive width within its scope of products hygienically prepared and served.


Chaat Lounge

Veg Snacks Concept, serving the best of Mumbai, Delhi & Rajashtani Chaat Items, Pav Bhaji, Parathas, Vada Pav, Tawa Pulav, Chole Bhature, South Indian Cuisine, Chinese Cuisine & North Indian Cuisine.


Chaat Chatore

What is the first reaction when any Indian hear the word CHAAT, its WOW the yummiest snack. Just by hearing the word water fills up in our mouth. But often we have seen these street side snacks or chaat being severed in a unhygienic manner.


No Indian food is complete without spices, and chaat preparations require a lot of it. Not only does it give the characteristic color to the dish, it also makes it very savory. Even fruit chaat which is made of fruit will have spices on it. Raw fruits are also eaten in summer, with a hint of spices and salt. Vegetables such as cucumber are eaten raw with spices, and served to people in summer. People drink soft drinks or cold water with it. Indian dishes are very simple and change according to the season. There are plenty of opportunities to add spice into everything. Since most chaat preparations are vegetarian, prepare to eat a lot of vegetables and pulses, when you eat chaat. Chutneys for the chaat are prepared using vegetables, spices, salt, and condiments. Sometimes boiled vegetables are also used.

Chaat is very popular in India. People flock to these vendors and eat their fill of this street delicacy. Aah, such is life! Chaat is a vegetarian food. And if you’ve had it once, chances are that you will want to eat it again and again. It is served with raw mangoes and pomegranate, and is easily one of the most satisfying foods on earth. And good business too.

What is Chaat Franchises?

Chaat franchises are innovative and the growth for innovation is huge. Investment in this area is not much and franchisors are usually in demand because of the popularity in Indian markets. Chaat is a favorite of all in India and opportunities to serve chaat just knock on your door. There will be very few who don’t like chaat.  Shops and malls in India also serve chaat, and people love to eat it before shopping or watching a movie at the mall cinema. Life is easier when you have chaat by your side because it’s also the best take away food. It take a few minutes to cook or no cook time at all, depending on which chaat food you’re eating.

Investment in a chaat franchise is good business than before. People are willing to invest in this food because there are many takers and it will generate revenue. Drinks that go along with chaat include, jal jeera, colas or any other soft drink or water. The growth in this food franchise is manifold. Not only is chaat loved by children it is loved by adults as well. People in India love the varied offerings of this street food, and eat it in copious amounts. Therefor investment in this franchise makes sense for any company. Whenever, you don’t feel to cook, just go to your favorite chaat food shop and eat some samosa chaat or ragda patties and have a soft drink.

Why Chaat Franchise?

If you own a company and are looking to invest in some business, then it’s time to invest in a chaat franchise. The investment is not too heavy but the returns are sweet. Get in touch with a dealer who can give you the right brand and then pitch to the right market. Connecting with your customers is key to making a brisk business. Not only do they keep you focused on your products, they will also tell you what is hot in the market. There are many opportunities to own a food franchise and many brands out there. A store in a good location and a place where the footfall is high is a good requirement. But if you cannot get a busy location, then try to find a place where the population density is high and consists of many shops and establishments. This will bring attention to your brand and draw customers to your store for good business.

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