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Best Samosa and Vadapav franchise brands in India

Best Samosa and Vadapav franchise brands in India

Best Samosa and Vadapav franchise brands in India

Investing in a samosa and vada pav franchise in India can be a profitable venture due to the popularity and cultural significance of these snacks. Both samosa and vada pav are cherished street foods known for their delicious taste and affordability.

A franchise centered around these iconic snacks can tap into the ever-growing demand for quick, flavorful bites. Indians have an inherent fondness for tasty samosas and vada pavs, making the franchise more appealing. These items are deeply ingrained in the culinary fabric of India, making a tasty samosa and vada pav franchise a sought-after choice.

Moreover, the familiarity and acceptance of these foods across diverse regions enhance the chances of success. 

A famous samosa and vada pav franchise has the potential to be profitable in India, leveraging the widespread love for these treats. A well-executed strategy, encompassing taste, hygiene, and accessibility, can make the venture lucrative in the vast and diverse Indian market.


Rohit Wadewale 

Since 2001, Rohit Wadewale has been one of the leading brands in the Maharashtrian fast food sector. They have established benchmarks for emerging businesses in the same industry through constant innovation and a methodical approach to business. This business has effectively expanded from one location in 2001 to more than 40 locations today. 

Ninety percent of these 40 outlets are franchises. Rohit Wadewale is always developing new foods and ensuring that they meet nutritional requirements. Beginning with just Wada Pav, they have now created a wide variety of Maharashtrian and Indian snacks while taking into account the interests and wants of our clients. A state-of-the-art food processing facility that conforms with all international quality standards and standard operating procedures was launched by the company six years ago.

Established in: 2000 in Pune

Investment: 12L

Area: 300 sq. ft.

ROI: 18-24 months

Business Model: FOFO

Royalty: NIL

Franchise outlets: 40

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Zoop Vadapav 

Welcome to the Zoop universe, a business with an ISO 2001-2015 certification.

One of the franchises in India with the quickest growth is Zoop Vadapav.

Its goal is to develop food entrepreneurs throughout India. The finest Indian dishes are those we proudly prepare and serve, and are actively looking for passionate individuals eager to launch their own company and succeed.

Established in: 2001 in Mumbai

Investment: 5L

Area: 180 sq. ft.

ROI: 18-22 months

Business Model: FOFO

Profit margin: 40%-70% depends on product to product.

Royalty: 0%

Franchise outlets: 38

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Urban Vada Pav 

The brand established itself with the goal of putting vada pav on the plates of every Indian in the nation. began as a modest business with only one shop in Delhi. With more than 23 franchises across India, the business has now expanded to 12 cities. In a very short period of time, the Urban Vada Pav firm has garnered a tremendous amount of support from thousands of its clients. Local merchants and a select few well-known brands dominate the vada pav industry in India.

The vada pav industry is largely unorganized and only has a small market. The Urban Vada Pav Company entered the market in 2018, looking at this as an opportunity.

Urban Vada Pav has always been adamant about the standards and quality it upholds at every outlet. Every order you place with Urban Vada Pav is produced in the most hygienic conditions imaginable. When you order from Urban Vada Pav, you can anticipate receiving only the highest-quality ingredients.

Established in: 2017 in Kanpur

Investment: 9.9L

Area: 350 sq.ft

Business Model: QSR

Royalty: INR 4,999

ROI: 18 months

Franchise outlets: 18

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When Shivendra and Akash, two college buddies, struggled to obtain fresh, hygienic tea and snacks when venturing outside of our houses, they came up with the idea for Samocha (combining the words "chai" and "samosa").

In order to better comprehend this, read the sticky notes on our "stories around chai" wall at Samocha, which has been assisting customers in coming up with happy chai-related anecdotes.

In less than a year, we expanded by opening a franchise in Rishikesh, a second tea shop close to the IIT campus entrance, and a third one on Yum Street in Kanpur.

They want to spread this socialising benefit of our cafes over the entire planet, inviting investors for franchise business partnerships.

Why franchise with Samocha?

1. Complete operational and marketing support 

2. When Needed, Management Provides Quality Support 

3. Pay attention to nutritious foods and drinks as well. 

4. Ongoing menu item upgrades based on shifting consumer and market trends.

5. Average Margin on All Menu Items: 50%-70%

6. All outlets have a 4.0+ rating on Zomato, Swiggy, and Google. 

7. Tea Board of India-certified brand 

8. Use of cutting-edge IT tools and programs, such as cloud POS, CRM, loyalty software, etc.

9. Every franchise model also includes this.

Established in: 2013 in Indore

Investment: 7L

Area: 300 sq. ft.

ROI: 11 months

Business Model: FOFO

Royalty: 7% on net sales

Franchise outlets: 8

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