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What percentage of franchise is successful

What percentage of franchise is successful

The franchise business is rapidly increasing not only in India but across the globe. People are getting more inclined to become entrepreneurs and the franchise industry has successfully opened the door of opportunities.

Franchise business attracts the upcoming business owners as the brand already has goodwill in the market and on top of that, the franchisee will obtain all sorts of support from the franchisor, like-Training, advertising, marketing, sales, operations, legal guidance, promotions, etc.

The entrepreneurship report of the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics states that-

 "It's generally accepted, because of their established, proven business practices, that franchises have higher success rates than independent businesses."  

It is very crucial to always consult an experienced consultant for selecting the right franchise opportunity. This is because as per the report of another study, 92 percent of the franchise business is functional after two years and 85 percent after the first five years. So, if the opportunity is so demanding, why not consult the reputed franchise experts on the brand selection before investing in your dream project?

For the best advice on franchise opportunities from basic to advanced level, you can be in touch with our experts from Franchise Discovery (

During the pandemic, businesses of all sizes and structures got heavily impacted. The franchise industry also had a hit. However, the impact was not much as the franchise managed the show well due to its business model and presence in various locations. Surprisingly, the report from “Estimated number of US Franchise Establishments since 2007” reveals that post-2020 the number of franchise businesses will show a peak in its growth as many people lost their earnings in the pandemic and now looking forward to exploring their skills in a franchise business.

Before starting the franchise business, intensive research is very crucial. With research on various franchise businesses, you can compile and sum up the success factors which enable the business to grow and yield profit. More or less the success rate depends on the right choice of brand, location, and the specific market you are looking for investing in.


A few key features which make a franchise successful are as below:

1. Sufficient Capital: When you decide to invest in the franchise business, you must have sufficient capital in hand. This amount is not limited to the initial set up cost, but a good enough to run, the cost of six months to a year. As it takes time to earn the profit amount. Until then enough fund has to be arranged.

2. Uniqueness: Business grows when it can make the life of consumers easy by providing them the solutions. Based on the geographical location and survey, the selection of the brand has to be decided which is nearly unique.

3. Efficient management: The management plays an important role to make the franchise successful with their expertise, knowledge, experience, research skills, planning, implementation, evaluation, forecasting, etc.

4. Right business approach: When selecting the brand for the franchise, your first approach is very crucial. You have to survey the taste of the local areas, their preferences, budget. 

5. Growing trends: You should select the brand which is growing in the market. This will help you to promote the business well and get the return on investment much quicker. If you invest in a product that is fading from the market, then after a few years it will be a big loss.

6. Recruiting the right team: Hiring efficient employees matching the job description is one of the factors which leads to the success of the franchise. The team has to be nurtured will very good training and development. This training is provided by the franchisor based on their pre-set business strategies and executions.

7. Open to new ideas: A flexible frame of mind is required if you want to excel in your business. If you are open to listening and learning about various ideas and core concepts, it will help you pick the new solutions provided by various experts.

So, by now you got a glimpse of ideas that are necessary to make your franchise successful. Our team of experts at a Franchise Discovery will help you with ideas and solutions from scratch level and always be available to solve your queries based on the previous success of handling various brands and still maintain the relationship by growing together.

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