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 Top 5 best shake franchise opportunity in India- A Delicious Investment

Top 5 best shake franchise opportunity in India- A Delicious Investment

Top 5 best shake franchise opportunity in India

In India, purchasing a shakes franchise makes sense because there are no indications that it will have a detrimental effect on the industry. Despite being one of the leading producers of beverages, India, the shakes market is currently experiencing rapid growth.

The Indian milkshake market was worth INR 4.3 billion in 2021. The researcher predicts that between 2022 and 2027, the market would expand at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 20.82%, reaching INR 13.9 billion. Starting a company from scratch would necessitate investing in a business strategy, thus it is better to buy into an established milkshake franchise in India.


The London Shakes

The London Shakes wants to establish its locations all over the world and revolutionise the enjoyment of milk. The creation of "The London Shakes" aims to provide the highest quality beverages made with the finest ingredients. The London Shakes' menu items all have distinctive flavours. 

A lot of work has been put into determining the distinct flavour of the beverages and snacks supplied at our establishment. The London Shakes wants to open up shops all over the world and reinvent the joy of milk, one of the greatest presents that can be given to people. The business will give the franchisee all of the essential materials.

All franchisees receive on-site training and have access to a comprehensive operating handbook. An authority will lead the franchisees.

Established year: 2018 in Indore.

Franchise investment: 8 L

Area: 150 sq. ft

Business model: FOFO.

ROI: 12-14 months.

Royalty: 0%

Franchise outlets: 230

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Frozen Bottle

In India, frozen bottles are popular. Their stone jars and milkshakes are becoming more and more well-liked. They already have 50 locations in 11 major cities in India, and they expect to open almost 200 more locations in the next two years. The frozen desserts sector will undergo a change thanks to Frozen Bottle's efforts to broaden its horizons.To expand its army of outlets around the world, Frozen Bottle is on the move. High returns on investment, a shorter payback period, and a well-recognized brand among consumers.

Operation with tech-driven backend integration that is seamless

 The fact that Frozen Bottle was created in the twenty-first century gives it a contemporary depth and familiarity with the adolescent spectrum.

100% vegetarian restaurant Frozen Bottle is renowned for its exquisite desserts.

Established year: 2017 in Bengaluru.

Franchise investment: 25 L

Area: 300 sq. ft

Business model: FOFO, FOCO

ROI: 12-18 months.

Royalty: 8% on net sales

Franchise outlets: 120

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 The Lassi Corner 

The Lassi Corner have expanded to 228+ OUTLETS across 47 Tier 1 and Tier 2 cities in India in only 3.9 years.

With carpet areas ranging from 90 square feet to 1500 square feet, it operates outlets in a variety of sizes and styles, and not only welcome and encourage passionate business owners to open locations around the world, but also serve as catalysts for their ascent to prosperous success, and develop a strong, cost-effective marketing strategy while taking into account the most recent culinary fads, client preferences, and unique target markets. Their approach promotes increased sales and profit, stronger and more enduring customer connections, and brand awareness and reputation.

Established year: 2016 in Bangalore

Franchise investment: 7.5 lakhs

Area: 150 sq. ft

Business model: FOFO

Royalty 0%

Agreement year: 5 years

Profit margin: 18-34%

Franchise outlets: 288

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Surf N Fries 

A new generation of street food is offered by Surf'n'Fries. Fries were the centrepiece of the meal, which was presented in creative packaging that allows customers to eat wherever they choose. Millions of satisfied consumers have enjoyed Surf'n'Fries' successful international QSR franchise model, and the number is growing. Support for franchising with 10 years of experience in location verification and expert assistance.

The brand will put you in touch with our trustworthy food distributors, who offer premium ingredients at competitive costs. Support for store setup - Based on its ten years of experience, it offers you complete architectural support and standardized drawings that include even the most minute elements.

It offers a variety of franchise-related materials, including operations manuals, branding standards, and success guidelines, and provides you direction and support every step of the way, and we're available whenever you have questions or need assistance. Additionally, you will receive all the knowledge and direction required to offer new products in your shop as we introduce them.

Established year: 2009

Franchise investment: 13 L

Area: 100 sq. ft

Business model: FOFO.

Royalty: 5%

Agreement year: 3 years 

Franchise outlets: 200

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Shake Chili

In India, Shake Chili a part of Chatar Patar is expanding quickly and concentrating on franchise markets. You can view the awards won to see how good of a franchise network it has built. Quality food and unrivalled services have helped Chatar Patar Foods Pvt. Ltd., an Indore-based Street food franchise company, establish a solid name in a cutthroat industry.

 All parties involved in the business, including its franchisees, staff, and clients, have great working relationships. They made the decision to implement a conventional meal service model at a reasonable cost. On the Indore city streets, the brand first appeared. Since the first franchise was established in Gujarat, it has been steadily changing the food service industry.

Established year: 2013 in Indore.

Franchise investment: 8 L

Area: 300 sq. ft

Business model: FOFO, FOCO

Profit margin: 45%

Royalty: 0%

Franchise outlets: 40

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