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Top 10 Best Chai/Tea Franchise opportunity in india

Top 10 Best Chai/Tea Franchise opportunity in india

10 best chai/tea franchise opportunity in India

Chai is the most widely consumed beverage in India. Adults in India frequently drink two cups of chai each day. As a result, it becomes a necessary part of daily living, which has increased demand for chai franchises all across the nation.

Profit margin varies between 41.2% to 79.85%. Additionally, the entire investment can be recouped in 5-7 months provided the price of tea is held between 10 and 20 rupees.

According to a poll conducted by the Tea Board of India, about 88% of all Indian families admitted to drinking tea.

Tea is consumed by about 64% of Indians overall. As a result, tea companies in India have lucrative franchising opportunities. This is the key factor contributing to the Chai franchise's present prominence.

Given the growing trend in chai franchises, if you're interested in starting a chai franchise, fill out the inquiry form, and our experts will help you understand the franchise model from the ground up and put you in touch with the top chai franchisees in India. 


Tea House

A place to bond with loved ones over a cup of energising tea and delectable comfort cuisine, Tea House is a haven for tea enthusiasts. Tea House café offers over 25 different varieties of amazing handmade teas and snacks, starting with the most well-known Masala Tea. With a cup of freshly brewed tea in hand, the customers can socialise with friends and family in the laid-back yet raw and modern setting.

We also provide a variety of comfort foods at Tea House Groups to help you stave off hunger.

Established year: 2017 in East Godavari

Investment: 4L 

Area: 100 sq. ft

ROI: 6 months

Gross profit margin: 40-80% 

Royalty: 0%

Franchise outlet: 250

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Tea Junction 

In the organised retail F&B industry, Tea Junction pioneered "Handcrafted Khullad" Chai when it was founded in 2004. When mall visitors took a break from their shopping trips, their Visionary Chairman, Mr. Harshavardhan Neotia anticipated a need for hygienic, good quality, fresh, and tasty masala chai. As a result, the Flagship store debuted at City Centre Mall, Salt Lake. Since that time, Tea Junction has expanded to over 45 locations, serving customers across a variety of urban environments.

They are a newly established quick service restaurant (QSR) brand from West Bengal in Eastern India, and we aim to expand across the country by promising to serve FRESH Handcrafted Khullad Chai among other premium beverages and snacks that are hygienic and affordable.

Established year: 2004 in Kolkata

Investment: 12.5L 

Area: 100 sq. ft

ROI: 12-18 months

Royalty: 0%

Franchise outlet: 55

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Chai Shai Bar

Chai Shai Bar attracts customers from all walks of life, but particularly young people since it offers top-notch, high-quality meals at a relatively reasonable price.

By opening more than 80+ Outlets across significant cities in just three years of its founding, Chai Shai Bar has emerged as one of India's food businesses with the quickest rate of growth

The USP of Chai Shai Bar is to serve classic chai in a setting like to a bar without providing alcohol; in fact, smoking is entirely prohibited at Chai Shai Bar locations.

Chai Shai Bar aims for mutual growth and prosperity and offers substantial support to anyone who wants to be their own boss. Its goal is to provide people with pleasant experiences and world-class ambiance by simply bringing Indian cultural values from their roots.

Established year: 2019 in Jabalpur

Investment: 12L 

Area: 200 sq. ft

ROI: 15-18 months

Agreement period: 5 years

Royalty: 2%

Franchise outlet: 72

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 Tea Time

One of the most well-known tea cafe brands in India is TEA TIME, which operates a network of tea shops where customers can buy various types of tea, coolers, and shakes for affordable pricing.

In the tea and health community, word-of-mouth has played a major role in the rapid growth of the company's reputation with more than 900 franchise outlets. They belong to the Indian Tea Board. Only when the tea tasters have determined the quality, they do purchase the best tea leaves. Its manufacturing facilities are situated in Hyderabad, Kolkata, Assam, Vizag, Rajahmundry, and Kolkata's R&D facility.

Established year: 2017 in Hyderabad

Investment: 13L 

Area: 200 sq. ft

ROI: 36-45 months

Profit margin: 50% 

Franchise outlet: 900

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 ViN Tandoori Chai

Tandoori Chai is a unique version of tea that has smoky flavour, that is becoming a hit among the people of India.

Reasons to select the VIN Tandoori Chai Franchise

1.1 Affordable investment of only 4Lakhs.

1.2 Minimum monthly profit of Rs. 50,000.

1.3 No Lifetime Royalty.

Established year: 2018 in Bidar

Investment: 3L 

Area: 100 sq. ft

ROI: 6-9 months

Profit margin: 50% 

Royalty: 0%

Franchise outlet: 60

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 Premacha Chaha

On June 21, 2018, Premacha Chaha was opened a shop in Satara's Rajwada neighbourhood in front of the Golbaag. They encountered several difficulties running the firm, but were able to overcome them and operate the tea franchise successfully.

There are several advantages of franchising with Premacha Chaha, as with an affordable investment you can earn a profit margin of 50%(gross). Complete assistance regarding marketing, sales, training will be provided by the brand.

Established year: 2018 in Navi Mumbai

Investment: 6L 

Area: 200 sq. ft


Gross profit margin: 50% 

Royalty: 9000/- INR

Franchise outlet: 20

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Puneri Amruttulya

Puneri Amruttulya was established in May 2019 with the goal of providing the highest calibre goods and services to our clients and communities. As they move forward, they are committed to pursuing excellence via relentless innovation and commitment.

advantages to franchising 

Franchisee will hire the personnel.

Complete training will be offered by the brand, as well as full setup.

Tea Powder and Masala will be delivered as raw materials by the brand.

Local suppliers of raw materials like milk and sugar are available.

Support for a marketing and sales-growth plan.

The average daily sales are 1200 to 1300 cups.

 Live tea preparation will take place in the shop.

FSSAI, the Shop Act, and GST all require licences.

Tea powder and masala has a shelf life of about three months.

Tier 1, 2, and 3 cities are preferred


Established year: 2019 in Mumbai

Investment: 5L 

Area: 200 sq. ft

ROI: 12-18 months

Gross profit margin: 40% 

Royalty: 0%

Franchise outlet: 10

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MBA Chaiwala

One of the most popular and leading chai franchise that has been growing in many cities and people are showing interest in MBA Chaiwala due to its rewarding returns.

Check out the ample benefits of franchising with MBA Chaiwala:

Low-cost set-up

Higher profit

Break even in 6 months

Different investment models 

Higher ROI


Lower Capex

Full operational support

Full tech and logistic support

Established year: 2017 in Ahmedabad

Investment: 15L 

Area: 150 sq. ft

ROI: 18-22 months.

Royalty: 4%

Franchise outlet: 50

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Mumbai Chai Café

The Mumbai Chai Cafe has been serving the local community of Mumbai with pride.

Their goal has always been to offer every Indian his favourite cup of chai as well as other menu items that are cooked in a very hygienic manner using premium ingredients at a reasonable cost.

Why is Mumbai Chai a Good franchise Investment?

 Minimal Investment

Low Operational Costs 

High Margin and ROI

 Rapid Repayment

ZERO Royalty

 Full-circle business support

 Popular Food Selections

 Reasonably Priced

Simple & Chef-Free Operation

 Unlimited Training and Guidance & Support for Sales & Marketing.

Established year: 2020 in Mumbai.

Investment: 6.6L 

Area: 150 sq. ft

ROI: 24 months.

Profit margin: 50% 

Royalty: 0%

Franchise outlet: 42

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 Tea Types

Tea Types is a family-run cafe that is adored by everyone, including school-age children, teenagers, friends, businesspeople, and the elderly, with sophisticated manufacturing techniques, imported equipment and ovens, and fresh menu items like cookies, cakes, and other treats.

Process to take the franchise is quite smooth.

The minimum space needed for a business to become a TEA TYPES Franchise is between 100 and 400 square feet, and the kitchen setup should take up 80 to 100 square feet.A little fee is required from the Franchisee as confirmation. Against the sum, a Letter of Intent (LOI) will be signed, and payment will be confirmed. Ten days or more before an outlet opens, the remaining balance must be paid. At the time of final payment, the Agreement will be signed. One week prior to the opening, the Brand provides all of the items, including the starter kit. The franchisee must provide the brand with the opening date of the outlet so that it can guarantee the chef's availability for the training.

Established year: 2018 in Hyderabad

Investment: 5L 

Area: 150 sq. ft.

 Profit margin: 50-70% 

Royalty: 0%

Franchise outlet: 100

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