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Here’s why you should have a Cake Franchise

Here’s why you should have a Cake Franchise

We’ve all eaten cake at some time in life. Chocolate cake, carrot cake, Bundt cake, pound cake, fruit cake – the list is endless. Cakes have a strong presence in our life and we mostly celebrate with cakes whether it is an anniversary or simply a promotion. But why are we so addicted to cake and is it really healthy? Approximately 7 million cakes are sold in India each year. 90% 0f these are birthday cakes. Celebrities who are into fitness refuse to eat cakes and pastries and cite health reasons for refraining from it. We dug deeper to find the reason behind cakes’ success. And here’s what we found.

Cake has good things in it

Cake is made from flour, eggs, milk, and sugar. These are core ingredients for any baked dish. Which is why there are some who eat cake for breakfast or any suitable time. Some add blueberries, strawberries, carrot, apples and other healthy fruit to the cake mix, increasing the likeability of this baked goodness.

Puts you in a better mood

According to a 2017 article, baking puts people in a good mood and is great to improve mental health. Which means it helps with depression issues and helps people stay calm and composed. Baking also helps people concentrate and stay in control. Baking cakes therefore can put in in a much better mood than when you started off.

Can reduce stress levels

Eating chocolate is known to reduce stress levels in humans. Adding this good ingredient into cakes transfers the benefits onto cakes. What’s more, any sweet food is known to alter the chemical composition in the brain and reduce stress.

Can make you a better person

A study in the journal Appetite, revealed that sharing food makes a person altruistic and helps him be a better person. The study noted that early humans often shared food and ate in a social setting, which prompted his altruistic acts towards other humans. So, share that cake and make yourself a better human.

Great for celebrating a milestone

Cakes are associated with celebrating occasions, such as birthdays, farewells, promotions and other milestones. Cakes come in all sorts of icing and other decorations, and are great to serve people that are gathered to celebrate.

Perfect for snacking

While it may not be savory, cakes are ideal for snacking and make good treats to serve friends and family who are visiting. Cakes like banana cake, raisin cake, date and walnut cake, pineapple cake, etc. have the element of healthy fruit in them too.

Starting a cake franchise will give you the above benefits and also help you do something for the society. Cake franchises are easy to operate and the investment amount is usually lower than other franchise categories. What’s more? You will always spread joy and cheer because people need you when they are celebrating something.

The India cake market is projected to grow at the rate of 12.5% during the forecast period 2018 to 2023. The market is expected to witness a strong growth during the forecast period owing to the growth in rise in innovation in product offerings, increasing per capita household income. So pull up your socks, head to our website and pick up your cake franchise.


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